lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

IS Projects!!!

I cant avoid to admit that Knowledge Management Systems Class keeps reminding of my Change Management Class! 

We talk about Business projects and project management as well in both classes  which I think it's great because Project Management is the stream I chose for the third term. 

So, to start it is good to say that there is no such thing called IS Projects, they are actually business projects as well. So they should be implemented and manage as good as any business project.

In order to do that, managers need to plan a project. A project is made by making a plan of all the tasks, activities, phases of the projects. The methods to use, the resources, the plan, the staff, dependencies, etc. These plans are well recommended to do it in gantt charts. 

The key components of a project to have into account are all the people involved in it, the structure of the organization, the organizational culture, all the process to be undertaken and the final products. An important thing to say is that in order to succeed it is essential to manage the project succesfully, because as any project there are potential risks of failure. 

Here is a video where you can see a discussion about risks and risk management in projects and information systems projects.

In the next video, Vince Rogers briefly explains how organizations can get a competitive advantage by implementing information systems, he talks about all the things to consider in order to manage sucessfully an information system project.

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