lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

IMPORTANT! Privacy and Security!!!

The most important thing that managers need to be aware in terms of privacy and security is that it has to be updated as quickly as possible! You cant take the risk of leaving the privacy and security of your company behind. So this should be a priority for managers because the company is always on threats. 

These threats could take many forms, and on this video you can see a 5 mins explanations of how important it is for organizations to protect themselves against those threats. 

Those threats could be internet related or not. 
Internet related threats can take many forms as well. You can perceive them as cyber stalking, cyber terrorism, cyber squatting, brand abuse, denial of service, among others.

Cyber stalking is used among corporations in order to harass other competitors. Cyber terrorism are basically attacks on IS motivated by politics or religions. Cyber squatting refers to selling an internet domain in order to over sale for profits to another party. Brand abuse could be any type of activity made to damage the brand of a company. Denial of service is a type of attack made in order to halt the company's IS. 

Other type of threats are online stock fraud, social engineering and pishing. They are all dangerous threats that managers need to be aware.

However, there are ways to manage those threats by applying software apps that can prevent or help you prevent these type of activities. 

You can see another interesting video about the internet related threats and all the risks that we all face .

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