viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

Decision Support Systems and Information Systems

Information systems are the interaction between the people, their processes, operations and data with technology.  We can see an explanation of Information System in this video:

Decision Support Systems or DSS are basically information systems designed to support managers in solving various management issues in order to improve the decision process at a firm level.

The process of decision making in organizations is divided in five phases: intelligence, design, choice, implementation of the decision and evaluation of the decision.
The intelligence phase refers to the managers using his own effort to search any possible relevant information of the existence of the need to make a decision. This information may come from friends, colleagues, media or expert opinions.
The design phase refers to the information on the range of alternatives available and their implications. For managers, at this point, the first thing to consider is if the system is easy to use.
The choice phase is basically when the manager chooses the best option from those designed ones in the design phase. The most important thing to have in mind in this phase is that the option chosen is the one that will solve the problem. Having made the decision, the final phases are implementation and evaluation.
The next video shows a very brief explanation of Decision Support Systems' flow

DSS comprise tools and techniques to help gather relevant information and analyse the options and alternatives in order to help managers make decisions.
These systems often involve the use of complex databases to create "what-if" models.

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